Why I made Sculpted Mamas

for you ...

Hi fellow mama! Im Katie and the founder of Sculpted Mamas.
After going through my own exciting fitness journey I realised I wanted to help other ladies achieve their own dream bodies. And it is possible to achieve your fitness goals, no matter how old you are or how many children you have had, or even if you have never been able to achieve your dream body before. 
I went from frumpy mum to bikini bum! And this is how.....
So let me tell you a little about my journey and how I got to where I am today. 
I'm a mama of one beautiful daughter and I have struggled with my weight most of my life, starting from an early age.
When I was younger I just wanted to 'be thin' to try and fit in, and I was also bullied during school for my weight. My dieting started in secondary school, I'd slash my calories or try which ever diet fad was in at that time. You name it, I tried it. I'd lose a bit of weight and still not be completely happy and then stick it back on.
It was just a viscous circle. 
When my daughter started school I signed up for the gym as it was ideally located next door and I realised I had to do something different this time in order to finally feel happy and healthy.
I learnt how to weight train and after a short amount of time I started to see some amazing results, not just weight loss, but also gaining some beautiful curves from building lean muscle, which gave me that 'toned' look.
I then discovered bikini competing and for the first time in my life realised that this may of been something I could actually do, even though I'd never even worn a bikini before! So I found a coach who helped me build up my calorie intake, train properly and I kept working hard so I could enter my first show. 
I was also lucky enough to do some modeling and this helped my self confidence so much, and made me realise how hard I had worked. 
Just before I was ready to compete I was unfortunately diagnosed with a rare cancer in my foot, so everything went on hold and I then spent the next year going through various operations to remove the tumor. 
I worked hard to keep my fitness up in between operations by working out at home, and hobbling around the gym on my crutches! 
Due to my previous training and very good diet I recovered quickly from each operation and managed to still stay in pretty good shape. 
During this time I also studied and qualified as a PN1 nutrition coach to support my Personal training qualification, as I feel diet is the most important part to get right.
They say 'You can't out train a bad diet' and this is completely right.
I have since worked hard to regain my fitness and I love helping ladies achieve their own fitness goals and regain their body confidence. 
Healthy nutritious food combined with the correct exercise can transform your life in so many ways. 
Now it's time for your transformation to start.
For the best results I offer one to one nutrition and fitness coaching with full support, check-in's and updated plans. As well as weight loss, I aIso help ladies add weight and muscle tone too. 
I currently have my 'Nourish me!' plan available as a downloadable e-book which guides you through the whole process, starting with a 90 day plan and beyond. It's packed with so much information and the only nutrition book you will need. I will also have two 'at home' and 'gym' workout e-books coming soon, so keep an eye on the website.  
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