This in-depth step by step nutrition guide will teach you how to lose weight whilst still eating tasty, nutritious and filling foods. The guide is suitable for beginners to advanced, and starts off with a 90 day plan to teach you new sustainable eating habits which will nourish your body, and you will learn how to calculate and track your calorie and macro intake. This beautifully illustrated guide contains over 50 pages and also includes recipes,  a meal plan example, sensible swaps, discusses supplements, weight loss issues and more. You will also gain access to the private 'Sculpted Mamas' Facebook community page.  This is not a quick fix diet plan but one that will change your eating habits for life and allows you to still enjoy the foods you love whilst allowing you to achieve your body goals. 

The Nourish Me Plan!

  • Due to the nature of this downloadable E-book it is Non refundable. If you have any questions regarding it's suitability for you then please reach out via the 'Contact me' page on the website or email Katie at 

    This guide is also not intended to diagnose or treat any medical issues and anyone with any health concerns should consult their Doctor before making any changes to their diet.