My 'One to One' coaching is a 12 week plan and ideal for anyone looking for optimal results with weight loss, weight gain, and strength building and full one to one support throughout. 

You will receive a consultation to enable me to create the best plan for you, and there will be weekly check-ins, updated plans when necessary, and you will also have access to my private number so you can message me when ever you need support. 

This plan is suitable for anyone looking for support with weightloss, weight gain and muscle building.

You will learn new sustainable eating habits which last you a life time and the best way to nourish and support your body. 

As well as a nutrition plan you will also receive a personalised resistance workout plan which can be designed for use at the gym, or in your own home.

There will also be an option for ongoing coaching on a monthly basis, once this 12 week course has been completed. 



One to One personalised coaching

  • This plan is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any health issues, and if you feel you have any health concerns please contact your doctor before purchasing. Scuplted Mamas will not accept any liablity for any illness, injury or death whilst using this plan and by continuing with your purchase you are accepting full liability and responsibility for your own health. 

    Refunds - If after your consultation you decide this plan is not for you then you may request a full refund within 24 hours of the consultation. After this time no refunds will be given due to the time and work requred to write your personalised plans.