Hi, I'm Katie and the founder of Sculpted Mamas!

I made Sculpted Mamas after going through my own fitness journey and I wanted to pass my passion and knowledge on to others.


Sculpted Mamas is for ladies over 30 helping them achieve their dream bodies, feel fitter, in control of their lives and confident in their own skin.

Im a qualified level 3 personal trainer, GP exercise referral specialist and PN1 Nutrition coach. I also have a strong interest in the gut and im studying for my level 3 in Gut brain health.

I specialise in body transformations and helping people become fitter and stronger through and after illness.

Nutrition is my first focus, and I teach clients a sustainable, and enjoyable diet. Once a good balanced diet is paired with resistance training this is when you start to create beautiful curves and the 'toned body' appearance.

This is why I add in resistance training to my one to one training. 

Lifting weights will not make you big and bulky. Women do not have enough testosterone to gain muscle mass in the same way as men, but you will gain lean muscle, and more muscle burns more calories! 

If you are looking to lose weight whilst eating a tasty sustainable diet, and keep it off, tone up, become fitter and feel confident and amazing, then id love to help you. 



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